Top 11 Best Earphones Under 2500 in India [2021 Wyrral Choice]

Best Earphones Under 2500 in India: They are still very popular in the market, and they are known for their outstanding quality.

The world of smartphones is changing at lightning speed, and so has the choice of headphones/headsets. The industry had previously addressed the issue of tangle-free earphones with tangle fewer earphones. Soon, however, tech lovers realized that even handling wires is no longer fashionable. The large-sized wireless headphones on the market became popular and were quickly worn by every visitor.

People who prefer heavy wireless headphones began to look for alternatives. Some users complained that they desired better quality but smaller and lighter headphones. Wireless earphones were created in such an environment. They are lightweight and small. They are lighter than heavy headphones and easier to carry. Wireless earphones are now available on the market with solid batteries, excellent sound quality and small size.

These items don’t require you to spend a lot. These earphones can be used within your budget. We are happy to inform you those wireless Best Earphones Under 2500 in India are available. Users have given them better reviews. They are still very popular in the market, and they are well-known for their exceptional quality.

Best Earphones Under 2500

Best Earphones Under 2500


JBL is known for its sound quality and affordability. The Signature Sound Wireless In-Ear Earphones by JBL are a great choice. Amazon India sells it for Rs 3,090. The JBL E25BT can deliver 8 hours of wireless audio from a single charge. You can switch between devices. The universal remote has a three-button button. The pouch comes with a neck clip and a carry bag. This makes it easy to transport. You will need to pay Rs 200 more if you choose to buy it in Red or Blue colour options.

Mivi Thunder Beats

Mivi Thunder Beats Bluetooth Earphones are priced at Rs 2,699. This earphone offers a unique audio experience with powerful highs and clear lowers. When not in use, they can be worn around the neck. You can control volume, calls and volume with the 3-button remote. It comes with a 1-year warranty. The Bluetooth range is 30 feet. Two devices can be connected simultaneously.


The Soundmagic E10BT wireless headphones are an upgrade to the E10C. The E10BT wireless earphones feature 24bit high-fidelity audio that delivers clear sound quality and controlled bass. These earphones are Bluetooth v4.1 compatible, providing 10-12 hours of continuous playback.

The earphones have a 3-button control that can be used for volume, track, and start-stop. These seem to have been out of stock at However, if you find one that is available, please let us know via the comments.

Sony Wi-C300

The Sony WI- C300 costs Rs 2,925. These wireless neckband earphones support Bluetooth and NFC. This will give the user up to 8 hours of battery time. You can also use the inline microphone to make hands-free calls. Google Assistant makes these earphones even more helpful. You can use the simple buttons to play, pause.

1MORE iBFree

Its price on Amazon India’s e-commerce site is Rs 3,149. It is very light in weight. Bluetooth support will make it sound better. The earphones can withstand water and are made of alloy material. The earphones have inline remote controls that support both Apple iOS and Android. It also controls background noise to reduce distractions.

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