This list contains information on the Best Headphones under 1500. You can find them for Rs 1500. These headphones provide excellent audio quality for any music. These headphones have good bass and audio balance. Some also offer loud and neutral audio. Some of these headphones have line control, which allows you to speak on your phone. We have listed the top 11 Best Headphones Under 1500 for smartphones. The prices for the products in the following list have been updated to July 2022. The launch of new products on the market may have caused some changes to the list since its last publication.

Best Headphones Under 1500

Best Headphones Under 1500
Best Headphones Under 1500



Soundmagic may not be a significant brand like Sennheiser or Sony, but the E10s will show you why. 

The E10 is an excellent value for the price. 

It has a clear sound and a perfect bass. 

The E10 has an in-line microphone and control features.



Brainwavz Delta offers a similar sound package to the Soundmagic E10 but with a slightly lower volume. It has the good audio quality and can be used to produce both low and high volumes. This cable is slim and tangle-free, making it an excellent choice if you have a budget below Rs 1500.



Although the Audio Technica ATHCKN50 is not as comfortable as it sounds, it still makes a great sound. It has excellent mids and a smooth texture that gives a great sound. The bass quality is also ideal, making the music extremely good.



For its price, the Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE provides powerful and clear audio. The Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE variant of the iconic MMX 102iE doesn’t include an in-line microphone.



The Sony S70AP has an outstanding audio balance, clear mids, excellent high and low sound, and provides very neutral audio and sweet tones. This makes it very lightweight, making it durable.



CX275 is the right choice if you are looking for music with excellent low-volume quality and clear mids, without any noise. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and provides a secure in-ear fit without sacrificing quality. You can also use the in-line controls to talk on your phone.



The base is not the only thing that matters for headphones. The Sony MDRXB30EX is a great looking pair of headphones that offers excellent sound quality and bass. It also features a tangle-free, tangle-free cable.



The HA-FX101Bs headphone from the JVC series is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend a lot. Headphone base. Even headphones that claim to have great bass don’t consistently deliver this level of bass. The JVC headphone has a better sound quality with excellent highs and mids.



The typical sound quality is maintained with this headphone, which has more power in the mids and highs. The Panasonic RP-HXD3W delivers clear bass. You can also get a microphone. This is the best ear-headphone set under Rs 1500.



Sennheiser HD 202II is the perfect choice if you enjoy relaxing and listening to music. The cable is 10 feet long. Let’s say you plan to use it outdoors. It may be a little uncomfortable, but it is still one of the most affordable closed-back headphones on the market.


Act on Marketing Plans with Maximum Operational EffectivenessAutomated campaign management tools streamline the customer contact processes of a
campaign, such as making lists of candidates, forming groups to control the campaign, arranging events and
Monitoring results. Marketing automation systems of second generation manage these tasks.
Fourth-generation marketing automation dramatically increases efficiency through
adding an additional layer of information to the crucial task of managing campaigns,
communication and reporting.
Advanced Marketing Automation
For instance the campaign management component in SAS Marketing Automation provides:
Prioritization and scheduling integrated for complex, multi-channel campaign stages.
Effective selection screening and filtering of purchased and internal contacts lists to generate
clear, non-duplicated targets lists, with no dependence in an IT group.
Coordination and optimization of both inbound and outbound communication across multiple
channels that serve hundreds or thousands of thousands or hundreds.
The ability to design and distribute high volume emails, including opt-in and personalized marketing
campaigns that are based on a deep understanding of the consumer.
Dynamic response handling that instantly update the customer’s contact history, responses
monitoring and analysis procedures.
The tracking of “hard” responses (purchase decisions) and “soft” responses (subtle changes or changes in the sub-conscious).
changes in the behavior of users) that are recorded by traditional channels or electronic media.
Automated changes to the central database of contact information,
Response history and analytical results and response history.
Case study SAS Marketing Automation in Action
In thirty countries, with around two dozen subsidiaries, the company is an extensive consumer finance
The institution required an organized and efficient approach to monitor customer behavior as well as
implement smarter, more efficient campaigns. In the midst of fierce competition, it is essential to
Company needed current market data to cross-sell and acquire customers -and
They had to be able to take action prior to competitors. Already employing SAS extensively
around the globe The company enlisted SAS Marketing Automation to complete its global
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
Instead of sending direct mail to large undifferentiated mailing lists the company is now using
sophisticated rules to determine the correct households, and the appropriate person within every household, in order to
Receive particular deals. Instead of initiating campaigns based according to arbitrary calendars or schedules,
The SAS system allows them to plan key campaigns and to schedule regular communication in
methods that give you the best opportunities. They can also automate updates to models for
any changes to customer data and ensuring that anticipated outcomes are always in line with the latest information.
Overall, SAS Marketing Automation has helped the company reduce the time-to-implementation
for their marketing campaigns. Furthermore, unlike the majority of competitors, they do not rely on finding new
customers to boost revenuewhich is difficult during an economy that is slowing down company is making use of
SAS Marketing Automation to increase profits from customers already in the system. Through effective
cross-selling and up-selling items and keeping loyal customers satisfied Business units
improve the profit margin of their client bases , while helping to achieve corporate goals.
Advanced Marketing Automation
Learn from the Campaign Experience
The ability to gather detailed information about customers is one thing, but successfully incorporating it into the future marketing
campaigns is yet another. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign against
the objectives set out in the plan phase . then utilize that information to enhance the future
Did customers react did they respond? If so what did they say? Did we meet our goals? Did we achieve our goals?
important to record data, monitor and then incorporate in the customer data warehouse.
By undergoing this continuous self-learning process you get a more precise picture of your the needs of your customers.
desires and requirements, which leads to more effective campaigns in the future.
Advanced marketing automation tools allow you to track the responses of your customers through an online central
Database, which allows you to assess the effectiveness of each campaign and make improvements the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
to ensure that the next time you perform. You can also set up multiple control groups that will be able to monitor
baselines against which to evaluate the response rates. Test cells are a way for you to conduct field tests
Campaign features include models with different algorithms, imaginative methods or channels.
Ideally, you can take responses directly and instantly from the inbound communication
channels into a response table for example, recording all “click-to-buy” replies to emails
offer. It is also possible to create a mathematical rule that links the response to a message or campaign,
even if the response channel isn’t identical to even if the channel that is outbound doesn’t match. For instance, if the customer
When a letter is received and a response is made to it on the Web or by phone or phone, the link will be established and
Some communications do not trigger or demand an immediate response. For example, a campaign
designed to change consumers spending habits or saving might not require any form of inbound
messages from the client but no purchase commitments. The campaign’s performance
It is possible to measure this not in the number of calls or cards returned, but rather in the changes in patterns of transactions
within the targeted group. Through tracking these inferred responses to the target group, fourth-generation marketing
Automatization solutions can assist you to detect subtle trends that are easy overlook when there isn’t any
direct feedback direct feedback to measure.
The ability to learn lets you go beyond the reactions of customers to certain campaigns.
With the appropriate technology, you can look up historical customer data as well as purchased customer data
and customer transaction and sales data from each and customer transaction data as well as sales data from every channel. You can make use of this data to
Learn to better understand the driving factors that determine customer profit, develop accurate model of the customer’s profitability that is predictive
behaviors, and create the most targeted and profitable campaign next time around.
With that type of customer-focused knowledge that you have you’re in a position of developing more
Effective marketing strategies for marketing and redirect marketing funds towards the most profitable
customer segments.
Advanced Marketing Automation
Case study SAS Marketing Automation in Action
In the first case study, office supplies chain of the first study uses SAS to assess both the ROI and the cost of
the sales and investment successall the way to the specific products — in each major campaign. The
Results of these measurements offer marketers the quantifiable proof they require to
Make smart, cost-effective choices on future campaigns. It is the result of self-learning process that allows you to
closed loop system in which the marketing processes are continuously being refined and improved. This
This has enabled the company’s marketers to stay ahead of the constantly evolving market.
and has delivered consistently the highest ROI on investment in all promotional activities.
Every one of the four phases — planning, aiming to achieve, act and then learnare essential to the overall marketing
Automation value chain.
Once you have a clear understanding of the demographics of your customers and the customer base, you can divide those customers into groups.
that you can target by implementing a custom marketing and service activities.
Utilizing analysis, it is possible to measure changes in behavior, forecast the future value of your business, and pinpoint
excellent cross-sell and up-sell possibilities.
This data from customers is the an essential foundation for highly targeted marketing campaigns as well as
Automate and simplify the implementation process for multi-channel, complex,
multi-stage campaigns.
Responses and trends from marketing campaigns and cycle
They are then reintroduced return to the system to improve the system’s effectiveness.
The benefit of these technological investment is substantial and shorter cycles,
higher chance in getting your message to your customers before the competition, and reduce costs due to
replacing scattershot ads with focused ones, and increasing return on investment , as
Results from each program are instantly used to determine the next campaign.
Advanced Marketing Automation
The Crucial Technology enablers of Marketing
The most important phases of marketing automation that were described earlier — plan, goal and act, as well as learn–
need more than the first or second-generation solutions deliver. Third-generation
Solutions begin to fill in crucial gaps in the market by automating processes that span multiple businesses.
Customer contact channels, as well as giving some self-learning capabilities. Fourth-generation
Solutions, like SAS Marketing Automation, integrate powerful management of campaigns
Functionality with:
A central data warehouse for the customer-centric view.
Analytics that are leading the way to extract and implement true customer insights.
Centralized Data Warehouse that supports an Enhanced Customer-Centric View
Whatever the size of the market is will be, it will consist of people with unique traits
and preferences. So, the secret to successful mass marketing is to treat your audience as or a
mass. The more comprehensive your understanding about each customer more detailed your knowledge about each customer, the better the
The effectiveness of your marketing strategies.
But what happens if you need to connect thousands of people? What happens if you’re working with the lean profits
margins that need high-volume economics of scale? How can you bring back personal service
and the revenue value that it brings — whether you’re marketing on a local or national scale?
How can you deliver this personalized, value-added service without damaging profits?
The solution is to adopt an enterprise-wide customer-centric, vision. From an organizational perspective
In this sense, you must align your the behavior of service and sales to the needs of your customers.
connections instead of centered around particular products or organizational structures.
In a solution for marketing automation built on customer intelligence, you can integrate customers
information from all over the company, and information from partners and other external sources.
Sources, to build a complete picture of customer behaviour. Only through a single view can you draw conclusions from multiple sources
You are able to accurately recognize and distinguish customer requirements and define marketing campaigns you can accurately identify and differentiate customer needs, define marketing campaigns
the needs of customers and thus increase the return on investment of marketing efforts.
The heart of SAS Marketing Automation is a multi-dimensional data warehouse which serves as
the primary memory of all the organization’s customers. Using award-winning data
Warehouse technology, SAS provides a panoramic view of the customer which integrates
historical data, transaction data preferences information, and other the data that comes from every source and aids
identify the characteristics of customers as well as their customers.
Advanced Marketing Automation
The SAS Data Warehouse:
It provides an unstructured structure which can work in conjunction with existing databases system to optimize
Flexibility and cost reduction.
Integrates input from multiple Contact Point Systems, like clickstream information from the Web
shopping,, and field sales systems, as well as call centers for call.
Integrates with back-office systems, like accounts maintenance systems Inventory and
procurement systems for procurement.
Integrates data from third parties like data from third-party agents, application service providers and
Prospect lists, dealers and purchase data (demographics as well as credit details, for instance).
Performs data cleaning and validation, deduplication, merging and purging, as well as update functions.
maintain data integrity.
It provides a full 360-degree view of customers across all touch points as well as products and
functional zones.
It supports meaningful analysis that will transform this data into information that you can use to make decisions.
In essence it is that it is that the SAS data warehouse provides an enterprise-wide overview of the customer
All interactions and across all touch points and. Key operational and business data metrics from a variety of
departments are connected, shared and aligned into a shared repository. Information on
Customers, which might be present in multiple databases within the enterprise are merged
Made compatible, to allow an accurate analysis.
Industry-leading Analytics to Derive and apply the true customer
In order to increase the return on marketing efforts Marketing strategies should be founded on a
complete and accurate understanding of customers in the entire spectrum of functional areas and in contact
channels. The strategy of managing campaigns built on customer data calls to create
smart campaigns that are precisely focused on the most valuable customers, with the highest value for
pertinent opportunity, via the most efficient channel at the right moment.
Advanced Marketing Automation
Advanced analytical techniques allow analysts, with or without backgrounds in statistics to
better anticipate and understand better understand and anticipate customer behavior, and thus increase relationships with customers and increase the value of their interactions. Here are some tips to help you better understand and anticipate customer behavior.
certain representative statistics included in SAS Marketing Automation to create an optimally efficient
marketing campaigns.
Customer value modelingCalculate the overall cost of keeping clients for the
The life span that the couple has.
Risk analysis of the customerCalculate the risks that a particular customer, which includes
credit risk, the possibility of losing a customer to a competitor and so on.
Market basket analysisExamine the range of products a buyer purchases, and compares with
an attempt to understand the other products that are available to sell with a view to understand what other products they can sell.
Segmentation analysis Determine the most profitable and valuable customers, to assist in defining
targeted marketing strategies that are appropriate for the target market.
Cross-selling forecasts — Determine the best moment to proposal to an client,
and identify the most effective content and channel for contact.
Customer channel analysisanalyze and forecast the most efficient and effective channels
for the initial contact, cross-selling, and up-selling actions such as initial contact, cross-selling and up-selling.
What-if analysis Change the key variables in the campaign and analyze how they impact the
Advanced analytics let you “mine” your data warehouse to transform massive amounts of data into
significant market segments that are relevant on a formal on an ad hoc basis. Armed with this data you will be able to identify
develop highly customized marketing campaigns that target the most valuable individuals, rather than bombarding them with emails.
customers with no-interest offers.
Advanced Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is a tiny part of the whole system. Modern
solutions for marketing automation, such as SAS Marketing Automation address far more than
automation. They facilitate extensive operational and analytic procedures that create businesses.
Value by integrating multiple corporate silos, systems within the company,, and customer channels into
enterprise-wide customer intelligence strategy. It can help you understand your customers better.
requirements, SAS Marketing Automation -and the customer insight it offers lets you improve
satisfaction of customers, revenue and profits, and boost the value of all stakeholders.
SAS Marketing Automation provides a an innovative, integrated approach to help you better understand your
Customers know their customers better than anyone else and utilize that information to better target them than
anyone else. All in one system, one user-friendly graphic environment, SAS Marketing
Automation combines campaign management, customer and campaign analysis. It’s
The only solution that integrates an award-winning, data warehouse system and mining, with the latest technology.
modern tools for managing campaigns which combine analysis and operational procedures in one
integrated environment that allows for complete marketing automation.
The main objective of this research is to study the effect of marketing automation on businesses.
performance, by focussing on the impact on customer experience and sales and focusing on the ability to identify
obstacles to the the implementation of this technology. Marketing automation removes
companies to compete effectively, particularly in their efforts to draw customers’ attention. The information was
Data was collected through semi-structured interviewing. The results indicate the importance of marketing automation.
Strategies that can be utilized to improve consumer cooperation and coordination in the course of
Product development and improving their involvement, and thus expanding their experience. Marketing
Automatization improves customer service, helps to reduce time, by taking care of everyday tasks, such as sending messages
and send emails, provides that the same actions will yield the same results, which can lead to
Optimization of the marketing strategy and can also result in a coordinated multi-channel campaigns that allow
businesses to reach out to their customers through targeted content, intelligent and appropriate segmentation. Despite the
many benefits that result in an improvement in overall business performance Marketing implementation
Automation in companies faces various challenges, which are outlined as follows: absence of
established guidelines for the prerequisites to improve the effectiveness of results of marketing automation and
Insufficient data and inconsistency with regard to the quality of information affect the effectiveness of marketing
Automatization in businesses.
Keywords: Marketing, Automation, Performance, Customer Experience, Sales

    1.0 Background Information
    Marketing automation involves using
    of the software used to help automate sales of processes
    including customer data integration, customer
    segmentation and management of campaigns segmentation, and campaign management.
    A few of the marketing automation strategies
    Businesses currently use them to including email.
    marketing and social media marketing video
    online marketing and webinars and mobile
    marketing. Effective implementation of
    Marketing automation can help companies improve their marketing.
    help buyers move through the sales funnels by using
    decreased employee participation, which ultimately
    It results in reduced expenses and lower expenses. Additionally,
    Automation can help companies to
    centralize data, nature leads into customers, track
    successful marketing campaigns and also deliver
    contact strategy. Marketing automation is
    considered as part of the strategic plans
    Businesses can reach the largest market
    share. Yet, those who aren’t able to plan effectively
    Every aspect of the marketing campaigns could impact on the
    It is not a benefit of the strategy not benefit from the strategy. Marketing
    Automatization can be utilized by small as well as
    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
    15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
    (c) 2005-current JATIT & LLS
    ISSN: 1992-8645 E-ISSN: 1817-3195
    large corporations can influence purchasing purchases
    within the targeted customers. Utilizing the
    technology can help businesses make the most of technology to
    efficiency and also improve the efficiency of the efficiency and increase the effectiveness of the company.
    outreach. This is why understanding the importance of outreach is so important.
    Automation is beneficial to an organization can help
    companies to increase their competitiveness
    1.2 Problem Statement
    A study conducted by Murphy confirmed that
    companies are being urged to adopt,
    purchase, and then update marketing automation, and update
    system to ensure their competitiveness.
    When implementing this, management must
    to think about a range of factors such as the availability of
    of expertise in the development of customer-centric
    content. Marketing automation is becoming increasingly
    is now a vital aspect of every business
    as companies continue to invest in the
    technology [3]. Despite the increasing marketing
    Automation by a corporation as an operational
    approach, there is a lack of knowledge about
    the challenges of implementation faced by firms
    [4]. In the light that, Jena reiterated on the necessity
    Future scholars can help expand knowledge via
    study on the effectiveness of marketing
    the communication of both large and small
    corporations. As companies continue to make use of leverage
    on the use of technology to reduce costs and boost
    operational efficiency, there isn’t enough
    Marketing automation that is based on knowledge is efficient in
    producing high-quality sales and overall
    performance of the company. The literature available
    is also unable to emphasize outcomes between
    companies that have implemented successfully
    the technology the technology. This study aims to
    to bridge the gap in focusing on the effect on
    Marketing automation and business performance.
    1.3 Research Objectives and Research Aims
    The study seeks to analyze the impact of the study
    of marketing automation and business
    performance. However, some of the existing
    research [1, [3] and [4] revealed that marketing
    Automatization improves customer experience it improves customer experience.
    is a lack of knowledge about the
    Future challenges to implementation and the challenges ahead
    possibilities of this possibilities of the. This is why the
    The research was guided by following goals:
  2. To analyze the issues encountered
    that firms employ marketing strategies when they are implementing
  3. To analyze the impact of marketing
    Automation of sales leads?
  4. To study what the future holds for marketing
    Automation of selling practices for automation and
    Performance of the organization.
    1.4 Research Questions
    i. What are the obstacles that could be
    Stop businesses from stopping them from
    Marketing automation?
    ii. How does marketing automation impact
    customer experience?
    iii. What are the effects of the marketing automation?
    can affect sales for the company?
    iv. Is marketing automation effective in
    How can you improve the performance of your business?
    2.1Marketing Automation and its impact on sales
    and the performance of a business
    Paradigm shifts in consumption, creation
    of collaboration, information of information, collaboration
    This has caused exponential growth, and disruption
    The nature of big data in companies that cannot be
    Ignored [6] [7]. Kumar and Sharmam observed that
    the potential for big data to fuel different
    business intelligence cannot be ignored as well.
    [8]. Firms must be aware of and use digital
    Innovations like automated marketing, for instance.
    The process is designed to remain relevant to the market.
    As if software is used to digitalize
    marketing processes like consumer
    segmentation marketing management, segmentation
    customer data integration marketing automation
    originates from the business-to-business (B2B)
    environment, as well as the root of any the system is automatic
    the ability to customize promotion functions[910customization of promotion functions[9] [10. If
    If implemented correctly Marketing automation, if implemented correctly
    will help a business concentrate on its customers and
    boost sales of your product via sales funnels
    employing lower budgets and using fewer people
    personnel. But, there is marketing automation.
    software can aid organizations in centralize
    information about consumers, nurture leads to potential
    consumers, deliver more relevant contact
    approach to connect to customers and easing the
    monitoring process for marketing campaigns monitoring process of marketing campaigns.
    But, companies must be aware of the fact that
    The modern-day customers are smarter.
    Therefore, improving sales and
    Organizational performance is measured through marketing
    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
    15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
    (c) 2005-current JATIT & LLS
    ISSN: 1992-8645 E-ISSN: 1817-3195
    Automation requires strategic planning
    ongoing testing and education appropriate, current, timely
    and targeted direct mail marketing
    and the use of digital print and the use of digital print technology [11].
    In the same way, organizations must be clear about their goals
    Why they are planning to digitalize their marketing
    methods prior to practices prior to
    automation. When a business has clear marketing
    It can achieve automation goals, and it is also possible to be implemented
    marketing automations for achieving high levels
    of efficacy and timeliness of timeliness and effectiveness that can’t be achieved of timeliness and effectiveness that cannot be met
    Human interventions, no matter what the
    the responsiveness of its teams that interact with clients and
    Marketing staff.
    Automatizing marketing processes
    allows quick responses to competition threats,
    Increases access for organizations to the needs of consumers.
    journey, and provides valuable information for designing
    future experiences for consumers and designed
    personalized consumer experiences [12]. Even
    even though it is in its infancy
    After years of implementation, this idea is moving forward
    to be the answer in the field of gross
    Sales of products and overall organisational
    performance. Despite the fact that these
    Consensus, but literature is still lacking in connecting
    Successful implementation of marketing
    Marketing automation and automation
    accountability.Contrastingly, Redding argued
    that automatized marketing is aligned with marketing and
    Sales in businesses-to-business companies
    In addition to bringing a more focused consumer experience
    business , if properly installed within organizations
    [13]. But, the [13] suggested that there should be
    limited empirical evidence from books to provide
    These allegations, and maybe these claims and perhaps
    A gap that must be filled.
    Marketing automation is a way into
    improved timeliness and effectiveness of marketing that
    can be reached by a greater degree of control
    marketing costs and replication of
    Marketing functions (13, 12). However,
    automated marketing processes develop
    consumer leads, thus increasing the number of potential
    consumers. At some point, the majority of consumers turn into
    Loyal customers and improve the level of satisfaction for organizations.
    Service and product sales. Another benefit of
    Automated marketing is better for business
    effectiveness through the limited use of human
    resources. Marketing automation results in greater
    marketing efficiency, whereby companies
    employ a small amount of marketing professionals to
    at the same time, thousands of digital
    marketing campaigns. Because of the their existence,
    technology that is able to be used to implement, track and score
    Digital communication and marketing services,
    The effectiveness of business processes is nearly certain
    marketing departments are susceptible to experiencing the
    advantages of automation, such as marketing
    efficiency performance. However, automating
    marketing techniques should not be considered by
    Marketing departments as a whole end all
    strategy that can replace marketing intelligence
    deal with decades of stringent marketing procedures,
    and make a solid advertising strategy and produce a solid marketing
    personnel and efficient marketing strategies by the company.
    However, they must be market-oriented
    Marketing is the driving force behind the decision making process
    procedures and strategies for gathering precise information
    on markets, consumers, and businesses
    environments Environments.
    Despite the positive influence of
    In order to automatize marketing processes researchers have
    Equally, there are negative consequences that have been disclosed
    by digitizing a service or product promotion
    functions function. The expansion and design of
    business plans based on technological advances
    inventions has exponentially increased
    Quality, quantity, and types of business
    data collected by companies information gathered by companies.
    Whatever the form of information,
    huge amount of data that is that organizations have access to
    They will become useless as they change over time.
    thus, it is a base for business
    Innovation, competition, and expansion of business as
    and well as customer surplus as well as customer surplus. Also, making
    Making marketing-related decisions is no longer straightforward due to
    large data and complex variables that aren’t enough
    too much for humans to manage too much for humans to manage.
    The use of marketing automation has increased
    examination of the accountability of marketing across a variety of
    in various sectors across the globe. With regard to
    In this regard, accountability in the field of marketing is
    Marketing is no longer an option no longer an optional process. Marketing is no longer an optional process [20].
    managers face intense pressure to demonstrate
    marketing outcomes and validate their
    The responsibilities of organizations are as crucial
    Value creators [21] [19value creators [21] [19. In addition marketers
    There are challenges to find the correct metrics
    Systems that accurately assess the financial
    the performance of their businesses in terms of
    Marketing objectives marketing objectives. Within the context of
    The current marketing paradigm is
    Overshadowed by technological advances
    and the explosion of big data and the field of automated
    Marketing processes have made it necessary for marketers to
    Recognize this change and adjust to the changes and adapt
    capabilities and roles to help improve capabilities and skills to better organize
    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
    15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
    (c) 2005- in progress JATIT & LLS
    ISSN: 1992-8645 E-ISSN: 1817-3195
    Marketing actions that are based on data and performance
    [24]. This initiative is essential to improve
    Performance of the organization, a rise in product
    or service sales, and remain ahead of the game
    2.2 The challenges faced by businesses as
    Implementing marketing automation
    Marketing automation within organisations
    can be a great opportunity to start strategies
    The goal is to increase the revenue by maximising the value of
    the revenue of the business while increasing the profitability of the business.
    Market efficiency through the adoption of
    various technologies [25]. As for organisations, they
    try to boost the value of their digital
    Promotional mechanisms are inherent
    issues that can affect their ability to succeed. The
    Inability to establish an appropriate market
    Research as a method to implement the
    The right combination of marketing automation and marketing
    methods make it difficult for businesses to
    have successes achieve success. Through a deeper understanding of
    the foundations of success due to of the market
    automation, the study shows that the issue is not solved.
    To conduct appropriate scoping can
    negative impact on the company’s performance. This can adversely impact the organisation’s
    when it comes to pursuing marketing automation. Many
    institutions involved in the development of the marketing
    Automation can overlook the most effective strategies
    in implementing the data-driven initiatives in the implementation of data driven initiatives
    Customer problems customer problems. The study reveals to the fact that
    Many organisations fail to appreciate the power of
    the consumer’s environment, while posing an issue
    to effectively realize their goals to effectively realize their goals
    marketing automations. Furthermore, poor lead
    Management practices are different from those of the organizational
    Top management has a negative impact on the
    marketing automation techniques, accompanied by an increase in
    the potential sales revenue within the business
    [28]. Thus, the absence of a clear and precise vision
    the leadership potential negatively impacts the
    Marketing automation implementation
    methods and methods.
    Technology is essential to the
    the success of businesses The top management
    along with an appropriate with a suitable mix of human
    Perspectives and training for resource managers are vital in
    getting marketing automation to work achieving success in marketing automation.
    Yet, they do not provide the proper
    Training for their employees and human resource
    personnel to align their operations in line with
    objectives of approaches to marketing automation and
    techniques. Many executives did not follow these strategies.
    discover the full possibilities of the human brain
    by implementing marketing
    Automatization procedures automated procedures. Failure to
    Effectively integrate employees into
    Incorporating the concepts of marketing automation
    and practices led to the challenges that
    achieving organisational success. Many
    businesses consider marketing automation to be a cost
    savings measures and thereby leaving out the contribution of
    employees for the advancement of the organisation that
    led to ineffective results led to ineffective outcomes. This led to ineffective outcomes [31].
    failure in coordination and communication
    of employees who are applying the marketing
    Automatization in firms can result in unexpected
    Cost impacts. Additionally, the most common mistake
    when it comes to implementing marketing automation, the absence of
    Personalisation of digital content to suit the
    corporate-wide procedures across the entire company. In addition, it is important to note the
    Inability in the upper management to the process of synchronisation
    the operational perspective and the findings
    stressed that the inability to advance more
    Content-specific information that is specific to more specific information for
    Segments resulted in bad outcomes.
    The challenge of design for organisation
    is an analysis of crossis the determination of the cross
    functional coordination across departments [33].
    The operations of a company are
    The study also noted the absence of clarity
    throughout the process of marketing automation
    A part of the inherent issue in the development of the
    important performance indicators for various
    departments. Marketing uncertainties and
    Leaders have different perspectives on
    Incorporating diverse aspects of marketing
    Automation processes in businesses generate
    the validity of the basic
    concerns (34). However, company executives may
    Try to establish various methods
    toward achieving success, the fundamental elements
    of reasoning determines their decision to their goal.
    integration of diverse perspectives and
    theories relating to marketing automation
    strategies. The marketing automation
    is the need to collect the customers
    Information and data to be processed and
    Therefore, the use in the process of automation
    process (26). But, the quality of the data is also high.
    the effectiveness of its use in its effectiveness in
    Best practices can be a operational problem
    [35]. The study revealed the negative consequences
    by failing to accurately in failing to effectively capture the right
    data on consumers as a reason to implement the
    marketing mix and methods across
    corporate-wide initiatives across the company. Big data is a potential for companies.
    to ensure effective automation and efficient communication is for automation and effective communication.
    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
    15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
    (c) 2005 , ongoing JATIT & LLS
    ISSN: 1992-8645 E-ISSN: 1817-3195
    company’s challenge in understanding their true
    access management and use across the
    institutions institutions.
    2.3 Research Gap
    Marketing automation continues to
    is an important aspect of the business world of today
    environmental issues, more research has been conducted on it.
    The impact that it has on performance
    of groups and the identification of different
    obstacles that prevent success
    implementation. Very few studies have examined
    on how to make the most of the marketing automation process can be successful.
    can be carried out by large and small
    organizations. Businesses must understand
    how they can utilize technology
    to reduce costs and increase in company
    effectiveness and the way marketing automation can
    result in significant improvements to the company’s
    3.1 Research Design
    A qualitative research technique was employed
    In this study, we will examine the market’s impact
    The impact of automation on business performance. The
    researcher was able to efficiently gather,
    arrange, describe, and then interpret the visual or
    textual information that is beneficial in the process of determining meaning.
    The qualitative method is widely used in research studies.
    Marketing-related issues to trigger the emotions,
    opinions and opinions of participants’ views and opinions
    concerning the phenomenon of study regarding the study phenomenon. The principal
    The advantages of this method include
    the more possibilities to simplify and
    control data without negative effects on
    Complexity and context, gives more depth of understanding
    which are beneficial for the business and helps
    creativity as the main driver in the development of creativity. In this
    Study A qualitative narrative design was employed to
    provide detailed explanations of responses.
    The services provided were focused on detail that were flexible, detail-oriented and
    offered predictive qualities. The study was
    subjective and as a consequence an inductive study
    Philosophy was discussed in the analysis of
    data. Concepts and abstractions were created
    by inductive reasoning, by inductive reasoning
    observation and measures that have helped to aid
    Recognizing themes, patterns, and regularities patterns.
    In the creation of the theories as well as in the formulation of theories and
    educated conclusions based on information.
    3.2 Sampling Method
    The criteria for selection of participants were
    The sampling method is based on the intention of sampling. The sample
    included 5 people, who also had business
    owners and owners and. The conditions for inclusion for
    The sample is comprised of people who understand
    the idea of market automation theory
    The organization has implemented a variety of
    methods of marketing automation as well as
    customers who’ve felt the impact of the introduction of
    technology within their life. The main benefits
    of purposeful samples includes the ease of
    Generalize about the sample, and
    there are also opportunities for
    extracting specific information from
    Participants [39].The principal qualities that were
    Considered is the degree of understanding
    regarding automation, at a minimum you have an undergraduate
    degree of willingness in research,
    and the availability. But, there are other factors include availability,
    gender, age, or the technical aspects of the issue were not
    considered. Thus, the consideration of these
    Certain aspects have facilitated the generalisation of results.
    Participants were provided with an
    the ethical consent form, which outlined the
    significance in the investigation, possible risks the study’s importance, potential risks
    their roles and the reasons for which the roles were chosen.
    The issue of sampling was addressed through the process of ensuring
    everyone who was selected had the same primary
    Qualities identified as being eligible. Response
    The issues were explained issues
    Participants about the nature of the information they are sharing.
    Was to be expected. Participants were given
    with sufficient time to voice their views with enough time to express their opinion
    Get clarification that has actually helped to clarify the issue. This certainly helped
    dealing with issues related to biases.
    Measurement issues were dealt with by making sure
    only valid and reliable information was gathered. To ensure
    For instance, the participants were asked to
    Make clear some of the details to make sure it is consistent with
    Research question and goals.
    3.3 Data Collection Techniques
    The qualitative data were gathered
    by semi-structured, structured interviews that were
    The work is carried out at the chosen workplace.
    Before taking the measurements the pilot study was carried out
    The interview was conducted to ensure that the was conducted to ensure that the interview questions were
    understood. Questions were reviewed
    Make sure that they align precisely with the research findings
    Questions and goals.

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