Let us know which is the Top 6 Best Power Banks Under 2000 in India. While taking a power bank, keep in mind that the battery power of the power bank should be at least two times the battery power of the mobile; this will charge your mobile faster. For example, if your mobile battery is 2,000 mAh, your power bank should be at least 4,000-5,000 mAh power.

Best Power Banks Under 2000

Top 6 Best Power Banks Under 2000 in India

Xiaomi Power Banks

The power bank of both these Mi and Redmi, i.e., Xiaomi, is the best. Its price and quality are both excellent. The well-designed Mi Power Banks are available in 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh capacities. 

It has 18W fast charging, dual USB output, metal body, six months warranty, and a reasonable rate. 

Mi Power Bank is now produced in India only, due to which its price has been dramatically discounted. Mi Power Bank has been the best choice of people for a long time. 

Mi has introduced a new smaller-sized power bank, Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro model in 10,000 mAh, which offers 22.5W Ultra Fast Charging and three charging ports. 

There are many duplicate models of Mi available in the market, so always buy them from good online stores, official showrooms only.

Realme Power Bank

The unique features of the 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh power bank of the mobile making company Reality are liked. Due to the power delivery feature in it, it can also charge the laptop battery. It has USB Type-A and USB Type-C ports.

Realme Power Bank comes with 12 layers of protection, so it is pretty safe. Available in three colors Grey, Red, Yellow, this power bank comes with a 1-year warranty. 

URBN Power Bank

Urban is an Indian brand whose power banks are well-liked for their small, portable size. These power banks are available in 10,000mah and 20,000mah models. These have Dual USB Output (1 USB, 1 Type-C) and 2.4 Amp 5V Fast Charge.

Coming with a 1-year replacement warranty, this power bank is light in weight, with 12-level protection, and is a BIS-certified power bank. Which Type of Health-C USB Cable enjoys. 

Intex IT-PB11K 11000mAH Power Bank

Power banks of the Indian company Intex have been holding their hold in the Indian power bank market for a long time. This is also the cheapest power bank on this list.

Intex company’s power banks are available in 2000 to 20,000 mAh capacity models. Intex IT-BP11K 11000 mAh is the best-selling power bank model from Intex.

The ability to charge three mobiles or other devices simultaneously, one-year warranty, LED indicator are some of the great features of Intex Power Bank. 

Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane is an Indian company that manufactures good quality power banks on a low budget. The three most popular power banks are Ambrane’s 10,000 mAh, 13000 mAh, and 20,800 mAh.

Quick charge, one-year warranty, flashlight, sleek design are the qualities of Ambrane Power Bank. The 13000mah and 20,800 mAh models have LED torches, which can be used in the dark. 

Syska Power Bank

The 10,000 mAh and 20,000 mAh power bank models from the Indian company Sysca are two quality products. The Syska Power Bank is a BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified power bank, a testament to sound quality.

Six months warranty, overcharging protection, solid body are their strengths. 

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Top 6 Best Power Banks Under 2000 in India

Power banks have been able to stand up against competitors from higher-quality batteries and smartphones that function as chargers thanks to reverse charging. It’s true that, as you would imagine, not every phone comes with this capability, although most of them now have huge batteries that can hold power for longer. However, this doesn’t eliminate the necessity of an electric power source. They’re still a must-have for students and professionals.

While power banks are vital for those constantly on the move, they are beneficial for those living in the house. Manufacturers are integrating their fast-charging bricks into phones. Still, obstacles like frequent power outages make people look for alternative power sources to charge their devices without an outlet on the wall. This is the point where power banks step into.

BEST Power Banks 2022

  1. Realme 30W Dart Charge
  2. Redmi Power Bank
  3. Mi 3i Power Bank
  4. Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro
  5. Urban 20000mAh Power Bank
  6. Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Boost Pro
  7. Ambrane power bank 27,000mAh

The most appealing aspect of power banks over the past few years is that they’re no longer heavy. They also offer fast charging, which means you don’t need to wait for a long time to restart a long conversation or to watch binge-watching on your smartphone. With the availability of a variety of ports, including USB Type-C and USB Type-A, you can utilize them to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

For the capacity, we’ve included 10,000mAh or 20,000mAh and one with a 30,000mAh capacity. These power banks generally are capped at 18W. This is in contrast to Realme, which offers 30W rapid charging. We also have the Xiaomi HyperSonic Power Bank that supports 50W charging technology.


Five interview questions that were not evaluated were answered by each participant and
Interviews lasted about 20 minutes.
minutes. Interviews with semi-structured format stimulate
two-way communication provides qualitative
Data that is used for making comparisons between the past and the future
Data, which allows people to talk about sensitive
issues and gives the information providers freedom to
They can express their opinions in their opinions. Therefore, semi-
Structured data can provide accurate and reliable information that is reliable and accurate.
could provide answers to research questions.
The audio cassette was used to record interviews.
which were conducted face-to-face. Afterwards , the
Data was translated. Even before the
The interview was conducted with the participants were
The documents include the written
consent form which informed them about the research
and the purpose of it and its purpose
Schedule, distress protocol, and , of course the
Information sheet of information.
3.4 Data Analysis
To study the qualitative data obtained
of semi-structured interview, an thematic
A different approach was adopted. Thematic methods were used.
appropriate due to the flexibility that allows
interpretation of the data , based on the
Researcher experience and knowledge about
the phenomenon of research. Furthermore, the
Thematic methods are not tied to any specific
the framework and procedures that allows it to
It can be used in qualitative research. The method
The goal was to find patterns, analyze, and then identify patterns, and
of topics and ideas that have meaning that are, in turn, subsequently led
to the generation of themes that were beneficial to generate themes that were useful
Discussion chapter. The key elements that were taken
The steps to be taken in the process of analyzing data that are used during the analysis of data
listening to the transcripts of the interview,
identification of codes, as well as the identification of
common patterns and common patterns and. Additionally there are the
Themes were reviewed and re-defined to make sure
They have precisely completed the research inquiry.
The report’s final version was created with the names of the
Participants were anonymous to improve
confidentiality. These methods permitted
identification of any anomalies that might
may affect the final result.
The researcher was assigned the researcher with a preliminary
codes that are attached to the data, which assisted with the processing of
The content is described. Themes are studied
in data that are not analyzed, and the process is to make the emphasis on
The emphasis is on a theoretically informed interpretation
of significance as well as of organization and riches
Description of information Description of data.
3.5 Ethical Considerations
The researcher abided by different
ethical standards before or during the process, but also following the
data collection. The most important thing is to adhere to
Ethics is a fundamental aspect in improving
the reliability and credibility of the findings. The
The principle of confidentiality and anonymity was
This is done by ensuring that personal information is protected.
The information of participants was not disclosed or divulged.
Third parties can access the information. Namely, for instance,
personal information for participants, which could
The factors that led to their identification was only known to
The researcher. The name of the participants was also mentioned by
Anonymised to improve the level of confidentiality. After
Analyzing and interpreting the results analysis and interpretation of the results
primary data were destroyed in order to ensure
Accessibility for people who are not authorized.
In the second phase, participants had to fill out the form.
consent form that outlined the significance of the
study, and the reasons why they were asked to take
their part in the research part of the research, their potential risks, and the role they play
In the study. Participants were also in the research.
regarding their rights, such as withdrawal from the
Research at any time without providing the
the reasons behind the reasons behind their motives behind their.
This chapter gives an study of the
transcripts of interviews by using the thematic method.
The most important patterns and themes identified from the
Data includes barriers, impacts of marketing
Automatization of customer experience and impacts of
Marketing automation and sales impact of
marketing automation affects business performance.
Theme 1. The obstacles to implementing
Marketing Automation
Table 1. Summary of responses
Participant Responses
R1 and 2 integration problems
R5 Inconsistency in the
R3 and R4 Uncertain
Source: (Authors Illustration)
The findings can be summarized in the form of
illustrated in graph 2.
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
(c) 2005 , ongoing JATIT & LLS
ISSN: 1992-8645 www.jatit.org E-ISSN: 1817-3195
Figure 2. The challenges associated with
Firms face a variety of challenges
that hinder the successful implementation that hinder the effective implementation
marketing automation. Based on this, R1 and R2
said that companies fail to define an appropriate
Marketing strategy that is difficult to implement.
get positive results.
R1 “In the majority of cases, companies do not have the
the guidelines laid out to improve
The success of the marketing
Automatization results, with a particular concentrate on
embedding in a technologically unreal
Perspectives within the Organization”.
Companies must clearly define their goals
in the execution of various marketing
Automation strategies throughout the organization
departments. Marketing implementation
Automation takes a significantly longer time
Implement due to the necessity to integrate the
Automatization system in the entire organization. The
The process of setting up the system requires a lengthy time
in between months and weeks, and companies could not be able to
earn profits in the initial period
abandoning their normal operations.
R5 states that there is insufficient data as well as
inconsistent quality of the information
Limits the application of marketing
Automatization in businesses.
“Since marketing automation is dependent on
the correct determination of
Information about market and customer,
Insufficient data hinders execution
one of the best strategies of the most effective strategy
improving the way promotion is promoted and
advertising of the brand
all over the market”.
Data capture and aggregation is not as good and
The standardization process hinders the implementation of
marketing automation within firms. Consequently,
the cost to begin marketing automation starts at
fairly high at the time of acquisition of the
software to market. While also recognizing the
additional expenses incurred as part of the use of the software
execution, many companies and companies are seeking to
explore the use of alternative marketing techniques
Theme 2: The impact from Marketing Automation on
Customer Experience
Marketing automation is an integral component.
part in improving the customer experience
the possibility of maintaining potential of maintaining the.
R3 said that marketing automation can will improve
the relationships between customers and the software
The focus is on creating repeatedly triggered responses.
customized specific information to attract more
R3 “Through the continuous and
repeated, customized information that is repetitively customized
It focuses on closing the gaps between
Brand name of the company as well as its potential
Marketing automation is a focus area for
increasing the collaboration between consumers and
coordination throughout the creation process
growth and increasing their input and input
consequently , they are able to increase their experience.
Thus, the need for marketing automation is increasing.
efficient communication that is focused on the
Personalization of information, and consequently
enhancing the perceptions of consumers about the
specific brands.
Marketing automation is crucial in
Promoting the customer experience as it is the primary focus
on the recommendation of similar products to consumers
on the market, thereby increasing the number of customers they can serve, thereby increasing
perception and awareness of the market.
R4 “Marketing automation could be a possibility
enhances customer satisfaction as well as
information about the services and products”
The marketing automation creates
information to enhance the customer experience, as well as an increase in
Their attachment to a specific brand.
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
(c) 2005-current JATIT & LLS
ISSN: 1992-8645 www.jatit.org E-ISSN: 1817-3195
Marketing automation is, therefore, an essential role.
crucial role in ensuring importance of customer satisfaction
the dissemination of relevant information, and
channels to voice their grievances and
compliments. So, the plan will
improve the capacity of companies to provide top quality
Prior to any customer contact, we will provide you with a service.
Theme 3: Impacts Of Automation On Sales
Table 2. Summary of Participant Response
Participant Response
R1 Uncertain of the exact
effects that automation has on sales
R2 Automation can be the catalyst for
Improved sales.
R3 Increase sales and improve the overall
Performance of the company
R4 Integration issues will
reduce its effectiveness
promoting sales
The impact of R5’s statement will be dependent on
about the level of integration
The organization
Source: (Authors Illustration)
The findings can be summarized as follows:
The graph below:
Figure 1. Effects of Automation On Sales
The research suggests that automation
will naturally improve the performance of the company.
due to the higher due to the increased (figure due to the increased sales (figure).
Marketing automation improves the
Potential for increasing sales volume and
turnover within companies. R2 and R3 said that
Marketing automation efforts to make use of
various channels as a way of coordination of their
approach to reach out to current and future
R2 “The marketing automation
improves the method of getting the
customers’ attention by coordinating their
information and consolidating them
Campaign management strategies. R3,
the marketing strategies attempt to
create and personalize information to
consumers and thus raising their
indulgence, and thus
Marketing automation is focused on
Utilizing the harnessed data for
sorting customers into groups and making sure that they get the best service
the right information regarding their requirements
and the potential to make purchase. A
In the end, it is feasible for consumers to
Establish a direct link and communicate with a company
with respect to the brands that are available product lines. The
Marketing communication is a form of communication that can be applied to
allows two-way communication between
Customers and business, which in the end
enhances customer loyalty. It is effective
Communication will allow consumers to make
reviews on the services and products provided
from the by the. Through this collaboration with the company, the
The company will be able to develop marketing strategies and
operational strategies that have the potential to draw
and positively impact consumer buying
In accordance with R5, marketing
Automation ensures that consumers are able to create
Repeat purchases of their particular products
They are constantly updated in line with the latest developments.
pertinent information on the accessibility of
products of the firm.
R5, “Through the marketing automation
software is able to offer
users with data that will
Enhance their awareness, understanding, and evaluation
and the potential purchase of a and potential purchase for a
Repeat purchases are a part of an
many factors, among them high-quality of
the products or services provided by the company
cost of the product, and the efficacy of the
Marketing strategies. In this scenario, marketing
automation could enable the business to
give real-time updates on the products
and other services. In the end, customers use
The effects of automation on sales
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
(c) 2005 , ongoing JATIT & LLS
ISSN: 1992-8645 www.jatit.org E-ISSN: 1817-3195
the data needed to make purchase decision.
In addition, the results confirmed that
Marketing automation can increase the effectiveness of
cutting the cost of hiring and retaining marketers.
that are involved in personal sales for the
ability to convince consumers to
You can make purchase online.
Theme 4 Theme 4: Marketing Automation and
Business Performance
Table 3. Summary of Participants’
Participant Response
R1 and R3 increases the customer’s attraction to you and
marketing efficiency, which
Results in exceptional
Performance of the company.
R2,4 and 5 Neutral
The study reveals the impact of
Marketing automation and business performance
The summary can be found in the figure 1.3.
Figure 3. The Impacts of Automation On
Business Performance
Marketing automation is becoming more
The widespread use of the technology is being observed by various companies
seeking to improve their productivity. R1
It was discovered that the automation boosts the
lifecycle of the campaign to advance the vital
customer retention efforts specifically targeted at
Brand products.
R1, “while realizing the need for
increasing the number of customers who are attracted to you,
Engagement and retention, marketing
automation increases the probability of
reaching out to customers and
which in turn has led to an increase in sales and consequently increasing”.
In this way marketing automation
Processes enhance the capability of companies to
Increase their market share by attracting more
lead generation and profit margins. With the help of
This, in turn, revealed that marketing
Automation helps coordinate
numerous social media campaigns as a result.
increasing the likelihood of reaching a wide range of people and
geographically situated consumers around the globe
marketplace.With the rapid growth
on the web, many users are switching from
shopping for products and services online
platforms due to their the ease of access, convenience and accessibility to
top-quality services and products and prices
effectiveness. Marketing automation can be effective.
in essence, allow customers to access the actual
Information on time for the products and
services provided by the company. Customers
can also use this technology to gain access to
Information about the services and products offered
through competitors prior to purchasing
decisions. In the end, the business may make use of the
potential to influence consumer purchasing
and thus resulting in increased sales
and overall and overall.
The automated marketing strategies
develops conditional content and
more personalized marketing content for
customers helping them to achieve their goals for their businesses
goals within a brief time. R3 said that
there are numerous opportunities to try different approaches
and their efficiency across markets
The best choice to their
R3, “Marketing automation increase
the capability to conduct tests that are targeted
markets, and optimize their marketing
Contents and initiatives as well as
thus re-designing the
strategies to match the needs of the consumer
Demands and current market requirements”.
Marketing is an essential strategy employed by
Many companies are looking to increase their competitiveness.
For instance, digital strategies enable businesses
to connect with a variety of customers around the world.
In essence, embrace marketing automation
allows firms to be in tune with the needs of consumers.
In addition, companies will save the resources of their employees.
as they focus on the development of their marketing
Optimization strategies, and consequently
Maximizing the potential outputs.Therefore,
Automated feedbacks don’t just help
Marketing organization and the hard
The impact of automation on business
The impact of
Automation of
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
(c) 2005-current JATIT & LLS
ISSN: 1992-8645 www.jatit.org E-ISSN: 1817-3195
discussions, but increase the marketing team and
department accountability in order to ensure that
Marketing performance is in line with the goals of marketing.
5.0 Discussion
The companies typically have to be able to support the
costs for training employees the use of equipment
equip them with the essential capabilities to accept
the methods of marketing automation. Through the
the high cost of implementing marketing automation
and the cost of and costs of
In the absence of technical capabilities, companies do not take the initiative to develop the
the process of technological automation of their
marketing. In the same way, companies aren’t able to establish the correct
procedures to ensure the automated
marketing efforts that are hindering its success
Implementation (#6). In addition, there is a lack of
understanding of the operational functions of the
Software used in the field of marketing automation
It is a daunting business for companies. However,
businesses may be interested in automated systems
take decisions on behalf the
structure, it becomes difficult to
recognize its advantages since it could be a catalyst to
Capture specific aspects of consumer behavior
leaving the crucial decision-making for firms
[27]. This is why the failure to examine the
performance indicators and metrics as part of
the gradual initiation of change impedes the
fulfillment of its indented plans.
Marketing automation helps promote the
Aspect of reengagement with customers as
and encouraging repeat purchases from loyal customers
consumers. Marketing automation is focused on
increasing the interaction with consumers as well as
Engagement beyond initial purchases engagement that extends beyond the initial purchase
31]. It is clear that the degree of consumer loyalty is a factor that affects
after the first interaction, and ongoing
the possibility of stimulating and generating their
an interest in brand products as well as similar
products. Automation in marketing improves the
The concept of upselling is convincing
buyers to compare purchases
their first products and cross-selling
Making suggestions for complementary products
to consumers. Furthermore to that, the marketing
automation increases the chance for
streamlining consumer experiences by
the chat and messaging platforms.
across social media platforms across all social media platforms. The
The technology of bots and messages boosts the
possibility of assessing questions and the possibility of assessing
the needs of the customer across internet-based platforms.
It is therefore possible to collect feedback from consumers
by providing real-time information about their needs in real-time and
The marketing materials must be made to be customized
to be able to satisfy their requirements. Within organisations they are able to meet their needs.
Automation of marketing processes can provide an
chance to guarantee the consumers
satisfaction as the information available online decreases
the anxiety of consumers is greater than the that of
marketing staff to carry out the marketing
on behalf of the business. So marketing is a function of the company.
Automation increases the enjoyment of the customer
towards realizing positive improvement.
However, the results suggest that marketing
automation is crucial in enhancing performance
of the of the of the company’s information.
on the steps that companies need be embracing in order to
Enhance the integration efficiency of technology to ensure efficient integration of the.
Marketing automation is a way to promote
determination and nurture of the lead
creating the first and subsequent sales. The
marketing automation techniques improve the
company’s efforts to identify an individual subset of
users that they can use to convince
Other consumers on various platforms on
thus generating sales in the targeted markets
[9]. Marketing automation improves the
customer’s lifetime value by the ongoing
procedure of being the lead in the particular sales
for companies. For instance, there are elements like crossand cross
sales and upsells offer an opportunity to develop
Follow-up with customers as well as prioritization
must be focused on specific markets to increase the value of
the rates of return on investment. The strategies
boost the sales cycle of the firm in the event that it is feasible to
get in touch with a variety of customers over the course of a brief time and
which in turn leads to higher sales, which in turn result in higher. It will also result in higher sales [17].
Marketing automation improves the effectiveness of marketing
of sales teams because they must operate within the confines of
the resources they are allocated for increasing the sales of their products.
initiatives. Marketing automation is a guarantee for
Marketing teams can improve their methods and processes.
strategies for achieving greater sales throughout the
marketplace. So, the marketing teams are in the
the possibility to schedule their social media
campaign and post posts earlier, thus making it easier to focus on
accelerating the future initiatives of decreasing
the lead time to convert. As most studies [99
and [27] centered on the process of integration
Automation of marketing processes and this results
The impact of this is a major factor in sales.
The process of marketing automation
enhance the efforts to generate
greater revenues for the firm through
Conversion of leads to sales, and vice versa
the performance of the business. The business can
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
(c) 2005-current JATIT & LLS
ISSN: 1992-8645 www.jatit.org E-ISSN: 1817-3195
forecast the behavior of the consumers in the market
With the automation, it is with the automation
or alter the strategy or create a new one.
the situation of marketing the market conditions. So the
The study suggests that companies have to be aware of
automation to stay or become efficient to remain competitive
the turbulence of the business world.
Marketing automation guarantees that
Marketing and executive executives could be the best candidates.
for enhancing their business efficiency and
Overall performance. Marketing automation
increases the possibility of tracking and
assessing the effectiveness of the marketing
campaigns. Businesses can create innovative marketing
strategies to edge out their competition
and gaining market share
improving their performance in business. The
The creation of dynamic content is a way to allow for
evaluation of the most important aspects of the
marketing strategies and determining their effectiveness.
efficacy across different markets [28]. The
Promotion of marketing relationships is vital aspect
effort to improve performance, as it
provides a way to accelerate follow-ups to the
Potential buyers on the market. Therefore,
marketing automation plays a crucial part in
strengthening the relationship between the consumer and retailer that results
that will yield higher returns on investments as well as
performance in the market where the company is targeting.
This finding could aid management in
Develop successful marketing strategies that are able to
can inherently help businesses be successful.
6.1 Conclusion
The study examined the possibility of
impact of marketing automation on businesses
performance. To do this, the primary
goals include understanding the issues
that could inhibit automation impacts of
Marketing automation for sales leads,
Analyzing the future of advertising automation
Selling practices and overall organizational
performance. In this era of fast
Technological innovations that benefit consumers.
Internet-savvy and tech-savvy and marketing
Automatization is the method to take advantage of various
reasons. One of the benefits for all employees is the company-wide benefits
The goal of implementing marketing automation is to reduce
of staffing expenses. If an organization
makes use of marketing automation software. it is a single
A worker is able to effectively compete in sales and
marketing department consisting from 50 to more
personnel. This is possible due to
capability of marketing automation software ability of marketing automation software
effortlessly multitask without errors unlike
error-prone human-beings. For instance,
automated marketing software allows
businesses to carry out various automated
mail marketing campaigns that result in millions of
customized marketing messages can be sent out to
Autopilots for consumers. Aside from marketing
efficiency, marketing automation generates extra
profits for companies. Therefore,
Automation of flow-ups for customers as well as up-sells
Cross-sells increase the lifetime value of consumers.
Combining these efforts with effective
prioritization and better lead-marketing
Management results in better returns on
the investment is made through sales activities.Marketing
Automation increases the accountability of marketing
Marketing and sales teams of sales and marketing. When marketing
procedures are automated, and an organization could
It is easy to identify the concerns in the marketing
department is a success thanks to clearly defined marketing
procedures and better monitoring procedures and better oversight of reporting
marketing activities. When marketing is a part of the process,
The sales force is able to capture thousands of leads, but
There isn’t a single lead is a success, or very few are ever completed.
to be regarded as real sales, marketing automation,
software will provide instant and precise response in a timely and precise manner.
or feedbacks to improve or feedbacks for enhancing
to marketing managers.
6.2 Recommendations on Practice
The results confirmed that the marketing
Automatization will boost sales as well as the overall
Performance of the company. Based on this,
management should utilize the information to develop
An implementation strategy that will help increase efficiency
Integration of marketing automation in their
practices. Firms can identify with precision any potential
problems that may hinder the integration
techniques that incorporate emerging technologies for example
marketing automation. Because of the constantly changing
consumer demands and the growing competition
on the market, businesses should be embracing
marketing automation to be able to react to
Market trends and the needs of consumers
expectations. Integration of marketing automation
can allow businesses to effectively be competitive with
different companies across the world. technology has benefited many companies around the world.
Customers were able to access their the information
concerning the services and products offered in the form of
various companies. Through the adoption of marketing
Communication, companies will promptly respond promptly to
customers’ needs due to the effectiveness of
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
15th June 2020. Vol.98. No. 11
(c) 2005 to currently JATIT & LLS
ISSN: 1992-8645 www.jatit.org E-ISSN: 1817-3195
communication. So, companies need to communicate.
is essential to invest consistently in
new technologies that can reduce operational costs
maximize profits, and provide high-quality products
and the services offered to and services to the. Moreover,
marketing automation can lead to more
Creativity and repetition
6.3 Recommendations to Future Studies
The study was focused on the impact of
taking on marketing-based sales performance
of the firm. However, future scholars need
to look at the negatives that come with
marketing automation that expands the range of
understanding among managers. Researchers
will also help to increase the number of people studying by a factor of
improve the generalization of findings to improve generalization of the findings
diverse groups or groups.
Marketing Utopia – Individual , real-time access to consumers for relevant and convenient deals Marketing has seen radical changes over the past decade. Nearly every aspect of marketing can be automated starting from segmentation and targeting to advertising, service delivery distribution, retailing and pricing. The ability to monitor individuals’ online behavior and combine multiple data sources into “big information” sets is allowing marketers to tailor their marketing efforts to specific consumers. Machine learning-based algorithms can customize the product’s offers, advertisements and prices for each individual in real-time: Utopia has become real for marketers. This personalization increases companies profits through more precise pricing discrimination, while consumers are able to enjoy convenience and receive offers that are tailored to their preferences. However, the automation and personalization of interactions could result in less favorable economic as well as psychological impacts for consumers, such as the higher prices for individual customers and the threat to their sense of autonomy.Higher price for individuals. Companies are able to maximize their profits when each client pays for a product which is within the price they are willing to purchase (WTP). In the past WTP was difficult to establish and often allowed consumers to buy lesser than they’d be willing to pay. Nowadays, machine-learning-based algorithms for prediction can estimate people’s preferences and WTP to ever higher level of accuracy. In addition, they can design advertisements that reflect this information. In one test, recruiting company ziprecruiter.com discovered that it could increase its profits by more than 20% when it changed from its previous uniform pricing system to an algorithm-based, individual pricing that incorporates more than 100 input variables, through which it can identify each of its clients. KEYWORDSAI, Algorithms, Free Choice, Marketing Automation, PersonalizationTHE AUTHORKlaus WertenbrochNovartis Chaired Professor of Management and the Environment & Professor of Marketing INSEAD, [email protected]://www.insead.edu/faculty-research/ faculty/klaus-wertenbrochMarketing Automation: Marketing Utopia or Marketing Dystopia?Klaus WertenbrochMarketing Automation Vol. 13, No. 1 2021 NIM Marketing Intelligence Review19-doi 10.2478 /nimmir-2021-0003.
Uber’s route-based pricing system reportedly employs machine learning to establish the price for each route and time of day which take different demand circumstances into consideration. Uber could make use of customer’s ride history as well as other personal information as well as the information machine learning could gather from linking multiple customers’ information, to create even more customized pricing. Although these options can help companies increase their profits and shareholders value maximization goals however, they can be a source of concern for consumers. Personalized price discrimination could benefit customers with lower WTP that would otherwise be excluded from the market. However generally, consumers are likely to be paying more to their WTP and leaving them with less particularly those who have a greater WTP.B OX 1Consumers are underpricing their personal information What’s the right amount of price for consumers’ private information? Geoff Tomaino, Dan Walters and I carried out a number of studies to study the prices that consumers are willing to pay for their personal data. In a variety of experiments we looked at the prices that thousands of participants in Amazon’s MTurk and Prolific requested for the same information to exchange money for services or goods. Consumers who have rational expectations for privacy ought to seek the same amount of compensation under both scenarios. But, in all of our experiments consumers consistently valued their personal information less when required to exchange it in exchange for goods [as determined by the amount of money they were willing to pay for the products] than when they were required to sell it in exchange for money. Of course, e-commerce companies usually collect consumers’ private data in return for services and not in return for money.FIGURE 1 The monetary value consumers associate with providing three hours of their personal GPS data in exchange for goods or for money (in PS)Results from one of our experiments, n = 140, similar results in follow-up experimentsData exchange for services/goodsData exchange for money5040302010036.7645.12NIM Marketing Intelligence Review Vol. 13, No. 1 2021 Marketing Automation20
Personal data that is not compensated for In general, consumers are free to disclose all of the information needed to determine their preferences and WTP. Why wouldn’t charging for these information allow users to be compensated for negatives of personalization? The companies argue that they are able to compensate consumers by offering better deals and free services such as YouTube videos, Facebook media and more. However, critics claim that the companies don’t provide consumers with enough compensation. Through a series of lab experiments using strict standards of the rational-choice theory we discovered that consumers tend to undervalue their personal data when they trade it in exchange for goods or services, rather than selling it in exchange for cash (see the box 1 as well as Figure 1.). Think about consumers who use Google and Facebook. Users purchase these products by using private information that companies collect and utilize to make money as advertising platforms. The con-sumers seem to undervalue their personal data in these circumstances that are not monetary since they don’t view their data as a valuable resource even though they’re providing the data to businesses that make a profit. These companies can make enormous profits and gain market power at the consumer’s cost. The staggering valuations of top tech firms, to which consumers are forced to hand over their private information, could be an indication of this unbalanced exchange. Markets for personal data might not function efficiently, which comes at the consumers’ expense.Loss of autonomy For consumers, there’s a second unpleasant aspect of the decision to give up privacy and autonomy: less. As consumers and human beings who value autonomy when it comes to our decisions, and free from the influence of other agents, and free to express our own freedom of choice. But autonomy requires privacy. In the absence of privacy, you can become unpredictable, which, naturally is the purpose of prediction algorithms. They are that are used to predict everything from the default of a person’s credit or insurance claims, to reactions to ads and probabilities of purchase. In subsequent experiments, Rom Schrift Yonat Zwebner, as well as I observed that people behave as if they are experiencing the threat to their independence when they are aware that algorithms can anticipate their decisions. The participants who were told that an algorithm could be able to predict their choices, instead of simply calculating how compatible their choices are in line with their preferences, often were more likely to choose less desirable choices to restore their autonomy. Acceptance by the public of prediction algorithms will depend on how they are presented in a manner that allow users to feel freedom of their choices.Surrendering to a black-box Another problem with algorithms for decision-making can be the “black-box” character. The mechanisms behind algorithms are far too complicated in order to “explainable” or disclosed for competitive reasons. Uncertainty about how and why the algorithm makes a decision to stop the desired financial transactions or to grant credit card limits concerns consumers and regulators, as well as irks many con-sumers. GDPR Articles 13 and 15 will require that companies provide their customers with “meaningful details about the reasoning of” when making automated decision-making. In a different set of tests we observed that explanations based on goals, which inform customers about the reasons algorithmic decisions were made in the first the first place, could make up for the lack of mechanical explanation. In a real market setting that explaining the objectives of an algorithm is more pleasing to custom-ers instead of simply informing customers about the negative consequences. It is a sign that the customers are treated fairly.The complicated challenge of preventing marketing dystopia preventing dystopian outcomes is usually the responsibility of regulators, yet it can be difficult to find solutions. Companies must consider the concerns of consumers in their practices as well. The figure 2 as well as the subsequent suggestions outline potential mea-sures.Automating and personalizing the way that interactions are conducted could result in less favorable psychological and economic impacts on consumers, such as the latter are higher prices for individual items and threats to their perception of autonomy.Marketing Automation Volume. 13, No. 1, 2021 NIM Marketing Intelligence Review21
7500, ,entitiesId”: “”, “endOfRange” Regulators to protect competition consumers and stop firms from making use of the power of their markets to raise prices or gather personal information without compensation. Regulators could try to safeguard the privacy of consumers and promote competition. In reality the competition to provide customers with more tailored, superior services at lower, competitive and less price discrimination requires sharing of consumers’ personal information between businesses. Privacy is therefore an issue for policy makers On one other hand, policy makers must to ensure that consumers’ privacy is protected to prevent companies from attempting to dominate their markets by making profit based on the personal information of consumers. However, regulations such as the GDPR of the European Union could hinder competition, and that requires the sharing of personal data between companies and resulting in less privacy. In the end, we might not be able to enjoy both competition and privacy. If we are able to protect privacy, we weaken competition. If we do not protect competition, we compromise privacy. Transparency for companies In light of the challenges regulators face, companies should themselves be aware of the privacy concerns of their customers. Instead of fighting efforts by regulators and consumers to safeguard privacy and combat the illimitable data collection and the use of personal information and data, they should include guidelines into their policies to give consumers the right to control their personal data. Being transpar-ent about how personal data is collected and used as well as providing consumers with a better understanding and control over their data can help restore faith in automated FIGURE 2 Measures to prevent marketing automation dystopia.Participants who were told that an algorithm could predict their choices, ended up choosing less preferred options to re-establish their sense of autonomy. Transparent algorithmsAlgorithms explaining their objectivesAlgorithms focusing on consistency with preferences rather than predictabilityData privacy regulationCompetition for data to insure fair prices for personal dataFair privacy policies by companiesNIM Marketing Intelligence Review

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